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About our project ""

This project is based on a concept of market integration, where we can locate any business location, their products, services etc.

Unlike other social community websites; we don't want to waste important time of our customer/members. After becoming a member; anybody can get advantage from our services.

We are also going to improve our customer service helpdesk for quickest support in all possible sectors.

Why your Support is Required?

Any service cannot be ran by one person. We need support from everyone who really want to get engaged in serving their services.

What is is a service portal as well as business information hub. We need service providers to provide more services in our portal.

Who can provide services through AllahabadOnline?

Anybody, who already serving their local customer; and a small knowledge of Information Technology. If you are interested to work with fake rolex allahabadonline; then we can train you about basic functions of computing.

What more is required to run a successful business?

You need extra effort to work with us. Because it is 24x7 service portal. So you have to be always active; whenever your customer needs your help.
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