Are you a Travel Agent?

If you are a travel agent or you can make arrange cars for travel purpose; then you can join us as Travel Partner. Your regular income will be definitely increase. You can earn with your business in smarter way.

I don't like to invest in Ads or anything.
Simply place listing to our business directory. Customers will find you in our Free business listing. But this will be free only for 6 months. In this period if you get profit with our service. Then you can join our paid services. Where we'll send you details to our customer's network. And you'll get more cases.

I want my business with & I want to invest to get more cases.
Ok, we'll add you in our travel parter channel.
Q-> What is your fee?

A-> Fee is very nominal; you have to pay Rs.500/- only to join our network. Once you join you can place your car details with Kilometer wise rates. And your listing will be ready within 2 days of joining. We'll also charge 5% of your minimum booking amount.


Q->How to join with our Travel Network?
A-> Its very simple; fill your details in the given form.

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